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sewing centers peoria, ilWhether you need helping select the perfect piece of sewing equipment to complete the job you are working on or a lesson on how to use a brand new machine you are picking up, you will adore the extra attention you receive at the Sewing Centers by Peoria, IL. Our friendly, experienced team of staff are experts in what they do, ensuring no customer is left questioning their purchase or even how to use said purchase in the correct manner. We advise you on exactly where to go from here when you need it the most!

Friendly Faces

Our staff has been working at the Sewing Centers by Peoria, IL for years now. This allows us to truly focus on bettering our company, our experience, and our passion. We love helping each and every customer individually to ensure all of your needs have been met before you leave. Whether you have a simple question or need a guide. We’ll teach you to use your equipment in the most efficient manner possible. You can even count on the staff waiting to greet you as you walk in our doors.


It does not matter if you are a professional quilter or a budding embroiderer, we have a club that will work just for you. We often work with hobbyists looking to learn, too! These clubs and events near Peoria, IL, are a wonderful way for making lifelong friends and really inserting yourself into the sewing world.

On top of that, we also host promotional events for the likes of Brother and other major sewing machine manufacturers. You can receive complimentary one-on-one training with each of these machines when needed.

Contact Us!

We’d love it if you’re interested in coming to an event or have a question. Simply visit our website or call your local Sewing Center today!